News from the HD surveillance camera

From the HD surveillance camera

27th Feb 2018

What has Neymar and Joe got in common?



NO We are not both crying

No We both did not cost a load of money

Yes We are both worried about getting fit because we have a metatarsal injury.  That’s it, simple as that

26th Feb 2018

Got a great deal today. 3 guys in a truck pulled up with some ‘spare’ tarmacadam ‘they had left over from another job’ and offered me a “good” price to do our driveway.

How small a place is the world . That’s the same line I’ve heard in Ireland so many times.

I just hope it survives the first thunderstorm downpour.



16th Feb 2018

To celebrate the YEAR OF THE DOG, Lilly finally gets some driving lessons from an experienced instructor.


“OK carefully let the clutch out E-A-S-Y”

“Watch for that dog crossing”


5th Feb 2018

Don’t you just hate it when the paparazzi catch up with you.



20 Jan 2017

When wireless was something else.

This is what I know as a wireless. We had one in the kitchen and I listened to sport on it before television. The main sport was tennis which was my passion. It’s hard to believe now as I watch the Australian Open in HD colour with slow motion replays how anybody actually followed a game on radio. It was made possible by the likes of Dan Maskell whose verbal eloquence portrayed a feeling of actually being there.

“It’s Rosewall to serve”


13 Dec 2016


“Is it safe to come out yet? ”



“Yeah sure come on”



17 August 2016

I’m writing a letter to the International Olympic Committee (and sticking a fiver in the envelope) and asking if they will add Dog Wrestling in the next Olympics. I watched Greco Roman wrestling from the Olympics last night and it’s rubbish it would be a lot more entertaining to see more of this.

13 August 2016

I’m starting a crowd funding project to see what I can raise and then I’ll give MAS a call and see if we can do a deal. Then we decide to take it out of Trump’s hands or sell it to him at a profit.


p.s I was the passenger taking the photo.

30 July 2016

I just can’t watch Masterchef with Mum. All that cooking and no result. It’s just too much.

Lilly Masterchef

10 Jul 2016

I’ve said it before “I could do that” No I’m not talking about being a referee but I could be an commentator, it dead easy. Picture the scene. It’s late in the second half and Martin Tyler is commentating on the Euro Final. Not much is happening so he fills in.

“Mark Clattenburg is from Newcastle and Moussa Sissoko  plays with Newcastle. They probably know each other”

Sure Martin they look like great mates. Always down the pub together.

Image result for sissoko euro 2016



20 June 2016

Can you imagine the scene in the members lounge of Muirfield Golf club last night as they watched the presentation of the Cup to Dustin Johnson.


“George come back in here a minute, the Americans have a woman president”

“I thought the elections were in November ?”

“No I don’t mean Clinton the USPGA has a woman president”

“George George  are you ok?”




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