Run a Marathon


Sunday 24th April 2016 16:49:43 RESULT Joe Lacy 26.2 Parkinson’s 0

How was I to know that my first Marathon would be the second fastest marathon ever? Kipchoge took off like a greyhound and trying to keep up with him challenged my Malaysian training


The early burn out left me well, “down the field” in 37,397th place but I might get an upgrade depending on the results of the doping tests. I think I passed the tests as I hadn’t had a drink in weeks but there was a lot of ibuprofen in my system, in fact I have to give it a lot of credit for being able to finish.

It was an interesting race and I recognised that from the start when I was lined up with several Rhinos. At least 8 people ran in Rhino suits to highlight the danger of extinction. Personally I think you have to have sympathy with the rhino’s eyesight because 8 miles into the race I heard an almighty noise behind me and looked around to see one of the Rhino’s had crashed into the bollard in the middle of the road.


The costumes were brilliant. I ran alongside The Hulk, Wombles, Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins, Man with gorilla in a cage, lady in Bee suit, fully kitted out soldier etc..



That means that the men carrying fridges and washing machines were all ahead of me. Sad Face.


It was very cold at the start and it took 30 minutes to cross the line so I had to banish some self doubts.



The first 6 miles were very cold and I took advantage of a douse of “holy water” from the ‘priest’ at the mile marker to see if I could get some divine intervention. I kept my sweater on which caused some confusion as someone in the crowd thought I was running for the Navy.



But once my name was visible the calls started for “Come On JOE”. Just fantastic from people who just came out to support everyone.






After training in the heat my main concern had been dehydration. However it was the opposite in London where my main concern was to find the next toilet stop. Basically I made sure I went at every opportunity I could but the queues were always long so I took the chance, around 10 miles, to nip into a park and find a quiet place in the trees. Imagine my surprise when I was followed in there by a lady runner who “stood up” nearby and relieved herself. She apologised for disturbing me but that she had a “she wee” Now I had no idea what that was and I was not going to ask but it certainly encouraged me to pick up my pace.




Crossing Tower Bridge was amazing as the crowds were huge I managed to video the whole bridge and got the spectators pumping to such an extent that I was accused of showboating. By the way that bridge is way longer than you think.

Not all the crowd were helpful, I had some people tell me I had 2 miles to go which cheered me up no end however the next sign, to my horror, said 3 miles to go.

Much is said about ‘The Wall’ but I can tell you that, other than the Rhino crashing into the bollard I saw nobody hitting a wall. I’ve come to the conclusion that anybody who hits a wall is going way too fast, so slow down and enjoy the occasion. Take it easy like me, the stats show that I passed 162 people in the last 7 km so I had a bit of gas left in the tank and got a lot more attention as I whizzed past people 1/3 my age especially from people in pubs.





Before I crossed the line I had time to get my Buckingham Palace selfie much to the delight of the crowd. See cheering mob in the background.



As I crossed the line I became very emotional and actually hugged the lady giving me my medal, much to her surprise, so that she reeled backwards asking in a very strong cockney accent “You alright Luv? ”

Checking to see if my name is in the top 5. That classic selfie. I’ve seen this before, you have to bite the medal to make sure its not fake.





Sorry for the delay in getting out this report, however in a good Irish tradition, established 60 years ago (when I was born) when Ronnie Delaney won a gold medal for Ireland in the Sydney Olympics in the 1500 meters, he toured every national school and pub showing off his medal. So I was not going to miss such an opportunity and I also needed to top up on my iron supplements.

I really don’t know where to start to thank all 230 of you who sponsored me, who turned up on the day to cheer me on in the bitter cold, who tracked the little man with the road runner legs from all over the world and who welcomed me home afterwards. My own family were very special in all this with their great support but I feel so lucky that I have one of the largest families in the world. You have all been amazing and I could never have done it without your support and encouragement.

The main objective of this mission was to keep me moving and to fight Parkinson’s and I believe that was achieved. The second goal was to raise money for Parkinson’s to help find a cure and that outcome was amazing. We have raised almost £17,000. The story is on the just giving page.

Again thanks so much to all of you for making this possible.

Job Done



Overall Parkinson raised over 400k and I was the largest contributor. Thanks for all your help.

Some other images


My Top Supporter and Rock.


My training partners in Bella’s beautiful painting




Training in Malaysia


Observations on returning from the Tropics.

  1. Your thoughts change from wishing it WOULD rain to cool you down to begging that it will NOT rain because that splitting wind will bring sleet.
  2. De-hydration is not an issue, looking to see the location of the next toilet is?
  3. After a run having a warm cup of coffee is what you crave not cramming ice cubes down your throat.
  4. Jelly babies taste great and are not liquid with bits of mould.
  5. If your shoes are wet it’s because of rain not your own sweat.
  6. Any animals you meet are not poisonous.
  7. When you put ice in the ice pack it stays for days.
  8. In the unlikely event there is sunshine the only sunscreen factor you need is “waterproof”
  9. Having sweat run into your ear and slush around there is not an issue, there is no sweat.
  10. The idea of an ice bath, once interesting is now incomprehensible
  11. Stopping for a rest is not an option, you might freeze to death.


What brought down Cruz.


img_3833Adding the rocket fuel.


The Morning after



Some advice from the experts we could all make use of . Do not force yourself to drink if you are not thirsty.  How often have we broken that one late at night at a party or in a pub.






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