Ventura Highway in the sunshine (under construction)


Where the days are longer the nights are stronger than moonshine.

Tell me how long you gonna stay here Joe.   America 1972

It bring back great memories of Galway through the mid 70’s. Then in the 80’s I got to go to America but ended up in “dry” Snyder (pop 11,000 and 41 churches) West Texas not Santa Barbara California like some of the other guys. So up to now the nearest I got to California was San Fran’s Disco in Salthill but now that’s all about to change . We fly to Hollywood on Wednesday and hit the road all the way to Oregon using air bnb all the way. It should be a blast.


We  are the only non Chinese on this Cathy Pacific flight. Like me they are all on their phones playing their favourite music or chatting to their relatives but they have their speakers on.

I met Chris Patton many years ago on an airport bus in CDG airport. I wanted to tell him.this would happen


No idea where to go.


DAY 2 well it’s still the same day because we crossed the international date line.

27 hours after leaving home we arrived at our bnb.

Welcome to Hollywood


LA’s fine but it ain’t home.

A little bit of culture in Beverly Hills




Finally drove the Ventura highway today. Nothing fancy looks like a commuters nightmare



Our first Pacific Sunset at Pismo Beach


and the best rib eye I’ve had in years. I think the cattle must have been illegal aliens because we did not see a decent pick of grass for the locals.



And Pauline says the margarita wasn’t bad either.

Here we are in San Fran


We even found some Irish shops


In case you are worried about what we are eating I had the Halibut.


20160913_152930 We have found a little gem of a place in N E California called Plymouth although its a bit near Folsom for mine and Johnny Cash’s liking. “Far from Folsom prison that’s where I wannabe.”


Its not all scenery you know we have work to do here we are wine tasting. and not just wine there is a micro brewery as well. 20160916_145100











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