Choose Exercise and build support

This year, the 5th World Parkinson Congress will be held in Japan.
This gathering is absolutely unique because it brings together the patients, the carers, the doctors, the scientists and the researchers. Joe Lacy has entered the Parkinson video competition. He really believes that exercise slows down the progress and hopefully this video will promote awareness.  Please watch, like and share.  We had fun making it, and a very special thanks to Charlotte Lacy who produced the video and also to our extras, Lilly and Paddy.
Support Teams
Support Team 2
Some of the comments I have received from people after the video.

Joe, what a great video! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Your honesty & determination to share with others what you found to be helpful in living with Parkinson’s is what sets you apart. God bless & thank you for sharing.

 We are proud to have you as our team member Joe ..very inspiring indeed 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
 Joe. Thanks for sharing 👍👏Very inspiring, yes exercise is the best , keep it up, very encouraging to me, I will try to do more,thanks 💕
I ran the marathon alongside Joe this year and spent a good deal of it chatting away with him. A more inspirational man I have yet to meet. Good luck in the competition Joe, keep on running.
Well done Joe, great stuff 👏👏💪💪💪
Great job Joe Lacy and you’ve got a good team there ❤😁
Well done I really enjoyed watching that and understanding more about it…. keep it up Joe and keep those furry lifeguards busy x
A great inspirational and down to earth video Joe. You truly are honest and motivational xx
Brilliant Joe, what an inspiration you are to everyone. Exercise is the key to wellbeing, hopefully your video will open some doors to fellow Parkinson sufferers.
 Diane x
Hi Joe & Pauline – fantastic video and message. Great demonstration of mental strength and what is possible. Brilliant motivation for others. Keep going and hopefully see you soon on the course again.
This is great!   I know this is a battle and Joe is doing an amazing job fighting back.  Gonna share!

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