Bangi Bandits laid to rest.

It makes me sad to convey the news that the Bangi Bandits eclectic trophy is being laid to rest. The various glues used had different lifetimes resulting in a lopsided remnant of that once splendid much coveted piece of golfing prowess.


As the shippers arrived the deadline approached to decide the faith of this masterpiece.  Would I bury beside the cat graveyard? better not as future generations would be confused.

Would I donate it to another society ? Probably not as it would take too long to explain and I could never be certain it would be loved in the same way.

Therefore the only option was to put an end to it’s existence. I melted down the solid gold base and donated the funds to the anti brexit campaign and I recycled the balls. I’ll call out to Bangi before I leave and attempt to get over the water on the 4th avoiding the tree. That will recycle quite a few.

Happy golfing Bandits wherever you are.






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