Moving House – a challenge in stress management

They say that moving house alongside divorce are two of the most stressful events in a persons life. So unless Pauline springs a surprise on me it’s the house move that I need to worry about. So add to that this is no ordinary move it’s between countries and it’s got items that have been with us for 30 years. Then there is the fact that we acquired 4 children and 2 dogs over those years as well as all their belongings and cast offs and we are moving to a smaller house, so you can see the challenge. Since I’m a guy that gets anxious that we might be over our 23kgs at the airport check-in there are opportunities for some serious shaking of the left hand.


19th Jan 2008


9th Jan 2019


We arrive 11 years ago almost to the day with a 40ft and a 20ft container and we leave with a 40ft which we filled to 37ft.  I worry about how much movement into those 3 ft there is going to be on the voyage.

One of the issues that developed the final day of the packing was that the truck bringing the container could not come to the house due to some low wires. So we have to transship the boxes to the container and an obvious solution would be to load just outside the entrance gate. However that is not what happens, instead they find a busy spot on a slip road of the highway beside some food stalls. When I see it, all I can think of is that scene in an Eddie Murphy film where somebody says they will look after his bags and the next thing he looks out the window and everyone on the street are wearing his clothes.

So now I know the container and I have a number so I set out to track it.  This will be fun as I see it make it’s way to Europe. Stay Tuned.


When you google HYUNDAI container ships this is what you get . So you immediately think “why did I not put in the full value in the insurance:”



Anyway I managed to do a track on the container and was relieved to find at least it was not still on the roadside someplace being unloaded but had reached a port

Shipment progress



Feb 4th 2019

Here we are into the trip and all I can find is that it sailing up the Malacca Straits 11 days ago, about where one of the sailors lost phone contact when the signal terminated.


So everything looks good except for the fact the ship is going to Colombo in Sri Lanka not Felixstow. AAAAAAhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!


Following a number of going aways including a last round of golf with each of our golf societies, we set out to determine what to do with all the stuff that did not go in the shipment and would not make a 23kg allowance on KLM.  The charity shop was delighted with us again as well as the poolman for the TV. I found a great company that recycles electrical and computer stuff and if it can be fixed they donate to NGO’s.
Two weeks to go to travel and Paddy is not well and not sure he can pass all the tests to get on the flight. This coupled with the trauma we knew we were putting the animals through was adding to our anxiety and probably the hardest thing about the departure.
The days before the final trip were possibly the most stressful.
There was no interest in the buying the house  and the only prospect of getting a tenant fell through. So no closure on Malaysia which makes the departure a little strange, it was hard to feel we were leaving but we had to leave the house empty houseIt was just great how our friends and neighbours jumped in and helped every way they could. It highlights the importance of being part of a community and how it shares the burden, reduces the pressure and the anxiety ( one of the corners of Ikigai).
Finally the day has arrived Thursday  14th The big trip. Much to Paddy’s disappointment the Lear jet was busy elsewhere and Paddy and Lilly had to settle for pet cargo boxes. Lilly was a little apprehensive at the Airport she is certainly not used to being separated from Paddy.  The flight was a bit bumpy but Paddy said it was no worse that the speed bumps in Malaysia.  Tinsel was great she stayed quiet at our feed all the time and held on till we got to Portugal which was amazing.








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